Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mud Flats

Yes, I'm back - a lot of catching up to do - and then, back to work.

Kim at All of My Faults Are Stress-Related is interested in mud pictures, so I'm posting a couple photos of the mud flats in the Turnagain Arm, Alaska, fjord. In these photos, the tide is going out.

The first two photos were taken on AK Route 1 near Beluga Point looking southeast and then southwest; the third photo was taken on the same road between Bird Point and Girdwood, looking east.

This is the kind of mud you shouldn't venture out on at all. Every year, people get stuck in these mud flats - the tide will then come in, often way over a person's head. The only way to get a person out of this mud is to have the fire department come, quickly, with high-pressure hoses, which blast water all around the stuck person. The water supposedly makes the mud thin enough that the person can then walk out, but I think that ropes may sometimes be necessary. Any rescue has to be accomplished before the tide comes in, sometimes with a tidal bore of 6 feet high at speeds of 12 miles per hour.

So, just don't go there (onto the mud flats). A 2005 Geotimes article describes the tidal bore and some other points of interest in Turnagain Arm.


Lost Geologist said...

Welcome back and nice fotos, bad weather on them? :)

Silver Fox said...

It was pretty dark while we drove down Turnagain Arm, because of the clouds.

Cloudy weather is typical for AK this time of year - we also had some clear, sunny weather, some rare windy weather, and an unusually strong downpour one afternoon. (Otherwise, minor sprinkles, usually not below 60 degrees F, but a couple days down to 40).

Will be trying to get some more photos up later. Glad you're enjoying them!

Anonymous said...

Kenai Woman asking:
Are you associated with the Silverfox Drilling Company? I am interested in the one that has a warehouse in Soldotna, Alaska and perhaps some sort of connection with Kasilof Alaska. I belive they perform directional drilling and culvert cleaning jobs.
Please reply to
Thank-you very much,
Kathleen Wilson

Silver Fox said...

Have not ever heard of them.