Sunday, September 28, 2008

Putting in at Deep Creek: AK2008 Day 3

canal The day started out as a typical Kenai Peninsula day at the cabin, with clouds hanging over the access canal to the river, and the sun tyring to push through. The sun didn't make it, though: it sprinkled off and on, and temperatures stayed between 50 and 60 degrees F through the day.
bait We made our way down the Sterling Highway, past Ninilchik, to Deep Creek, having some time to stop and look at typical Alaskan scenery.
office We arrived at Deep Creek, the upper part where the offices are, went inside and paid for our soon-to-be halibut charter.
view Above: a view from inside looking out toward the Sterling highway, with various blurry halibut boats across the parking lot.
tilt Ah, and there's our halibut boat: Tilt II !
lighthouseAbove: a dark and cloudy view, looking north across Deep Creek to the sea-cliff and Cook Inlet beyond. The weather is such that you can hardly tell sky from water; in fact, I think that it's easier to see the horizon in the photo than it was in real life. The lighthouse on the cliff may be a residence rather than a lighthouse: I couldn't find any info about it in lighthouse listings.
shore Our halibut boat again, now down on the beach. And no, that truck or SUV isn't going to pull the boat into the water!
towed Instead, a John Deere tractor will, first pulling us towards shore, then turning around on the beach...
water order to back us into the brackish waters of Cook Inlet.
inlet And hey, that's how we probably looked from the shore: a smallish halibut boat heading southwest toward deep water.

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