Friday, September 12, 2008

Mineral Wordles

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Just playing around: a wordle based on all posts in this blog tagged minerals. Top wordles are minerals, mineral, quartz, native, alteration, field, also, first, know, green, asbestiform, mine, found, copper, seen, kyanite, meme, magnetite, least, important, porphyry, rock, trip, and sulfide.

One thing Wordle does is to separate capitalized words that are otherwise the same - like Day and day - and words that are the same except for the ending 's' - minerals and mineral. It leaves out common English words (and you can do that for other languages), but as far as I could tell, you can't specify a list of particular words to leave out.


Perry said...

That's about the coolest web app I've ever seen. Awesome!

Silver Fox said...

Check out other mineral wordles at Geology News!

And maybe you'd play Mineral Meme on your blog?