Saturday, September 6, 2008

Go NOVA for Your Geoblog Survey

It's up everywhere already, but this is an easy post for a tired geologist:

Callan Bentley at NOVA Geoblog wants to hear all about the who, where, when, why, and what about your geoblogging - so he can give a talk about the GeoBlogosphere at an upcoming talk of his at the Geological Society of America. This might be a good chance to get into the picture if you are new at geoblogging, or if you'd like to unveil a geoblog you have hidden away somewhere. I imagine that any geoscientists blogging would qualify to take this survey and be considered part of the GeoBlogosphere, so jump on in!


Hey, I've already done it - it can't be too bad. :)

1 comment:

Callan Bentley said...

Thanks for helping spread the word! I've had 25 responses, but there are a lot more geoblogs out there than 25.