Saturday, February 28, 2009

One Year Ago Today: Blogger-versary

Actually, it was one year ago on February 29th, during a leap year, that I started massively transferring all blog posts to this LFD site at Blogger. The mostly young site, with start-of-blogging-for-real anniversary noted earlier, had been located elsewhere, an elsewhere that hardly exists anymore.

shirtT-shirt seen on the back of a random (former) Oregonian.

For the record, Oregon is pronounced ORY-gun (or OR-ih-gun), not Ory-GONE - as in gone, bye bye - and not OR-gun, either, leaving out the 'ih' or 'ee' part of ORY. I say this as a non-random (former) Oregonian, the daughter of 2 Oregonians, the grandaughter of 4 Oregonians, back until the begining of the Oregon trail. I.e., I'm a westerner, if you hadn't noticed.

For that earlier anniversary, I was taken to task (just a bit) for showing a picture of an average to below average (read: latter) beer. Given that there will be several more blogiversaries in the geoblogosphere coming up during the next year (and a recent one at Dave Schumaker's Geology News - it was he who took me to task, by the way) - I'd like to recommend a Better Beer with which to celebrate. And it's a geological beer, to boot!
beerYes, it's Stone IPA, a decent to good India Pale Ale. Yay for IPA's! See this review by Geology Joe at SlingShot Thought for more details on the beer.


hgg said...

yay! happy Blogger-versary!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, HGG - this is mostly so I could mention another beer and reference a leap day.

Anonymous said...

I hope you did enjoy both beer and anniversary! I kind of missed my own anniversary somehow. :-(

Also, thanks for the Oregon prnounciation. ;-)

Andrew Alden, Oakland Geology blog said...

Good beer choice!

Anonymous said...

Happy Blogger-versary!

If you ever pass through western Canada (especially Alberta) you'd better try my favourite nectar of the gods, Big Rock Traditional Ale (click the "Traditional" link at the top of the list) mmmmmmm...!

It's a geological, beer, too! The brewery is named for the Okotoks "Big Rock".

Howard, Calgary AB

EcoGeoFemme said...

Happy blogoversary! That beer looks delicious.

I'm glad to learn that I pronounce Oregon correctly. :)

Geology Happens said...

Happy bloggerversary from me and I have really enjoyed your posts and great pictures throughout the year

Silver Fox said...

Thanks, everyone!

Effjot, you should have a blogiversary anyway, even if belated.

Andrew, a better beer is a good beer.

Howard, thanks for the Canadian beer recommendation - I've enjoyed beers from Canada in the past - will look it up when I get a faster connection.

Silver Fox said...

More thanks to everyone - have been out of town, not commenting very much.

EGF - it's great you pronounce Oregon correctly!

GeoHappens - glad you like the photos.

Man, I feel so behind.