Friday, July 3, 2009

Carnival of the Arid #5 is Up!

Be sure to check out the fifth edition of the Carnival of the Arid (CotA #5) which has been posted by Chris Clarke over at Coyote Crossing. This month, Ole Nielsen joined the ranks of geobloggers who have, at one time or another, entered the carnival. Excellent entries are the norm, as are excellent photos.

I cheated this month, by having two entries, Springtime in the Egan Range and Hiking in the Rain. Both posts show a side of the semi-arid, intermountain west that not everyone gets to see: an abundance of wildflowers during an unusually wet and unusually green spring. And now that we're officially into July, it's still green, it's still unusually wet, and wildflowers are still blooming.

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