Monday, July 6, 2009

Garden Status at Five Weeks

At 5 weeks, our garden is looking greener and a little more lively. Compare 0 weeks and 3 weeks (post mistakenly said 2 weeks).
Butterfly on zucchini squash.
Red kale.
Chocolate mint (sent overseas to me by Julia!).
Anaheim pepper.

And the marigolds will be blooming soon. Maybe tomorrow!

Date and time of photos: July 6, 2009, at 9:30 am


ReBecca Foster said...

Wow, your stuff looks great! Your tomatoes are larger than ours are it appears! Very cool! I wish we had more area to plant stuff. Let me know how that chocolate mint is - sounds great!!

Silver Fox said...

We didn't start anything from seed. Didn't have time, and no room indoors, either. Things started taking off faster after we got some sunny days, though watering has been easy with all our rain.

Silver Fox said...

Oh, and I planted all 7 little mint plants outside yesterday and had to unplant 4 and move them back inside into water today. The sudden move caused the four (including two of the largest ones) to wilt: not enough water compared to just water & no soil, and too much sun compared to light through a window.

They will be fine, though!

ReBecca Foster said...

Other than the beans, neither did we, we got started way to late in the season. The beans were not a problem though and have grown really fast. I think all the rain we have been getting has helped with the wilting-factor, although it is starting to heat up!

Silver Fox said...

We thought about beans, but thought it might be too late to start seeds. Next year we'll adapt depending on how things go this year.

ReBecca Foster said...

I soaked my beans over night before I planted then and within a week they were growing already!