Thursday, July 2, 2009

Two Years Ago Today: Chickadees in Water

Two years ago today, chickadees were enjoying our front yard watering system at the lake.
If you look closely, you can see one mountain chickadee between the potentilla and the phlox behind it. The black, upright plastic tube at the base of the Ponderosa pine is spraying water over plants and bird alike.
A chickadee on a rock looks about ready to jump into the potentilla.
A chickadee has ventured into the potentilla and appears to be looking toward the water spray, but is probably trying to keep an eye on the camerawoman.
Three chickadees take a water bath. Two are in the air, one is hanging out beneath the sprinkler.
I'm hoping that our drip line is currently providing watering like this for small birds. The potentilla, last I saw it, was not as bushy as seen here - it seems to die back some during the winter; then it regrow in the spring and summer. It's also is subject to getting eaten by deer early in the season before the deer find other things to eat.

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