Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Two Years Ago Today: Frozen Waterfall

frozen Two years ago today, I was in a car with my parents and MOH, and we were driving down the Seward Highway toward the Kenai Peninsula. We drove by this frozen waterfall, which is located right on the highway, in Turnagain Arm, not very far west of Beluga Point, somewhere between Mile 117 and Mile 110 on Alaska 1. It's always frozen, this time of year.

We were heading down to the cabin, a place I like to go in winter, partly to see the frozen river, partly because it can be much colder on the peninsula than in Anchorage, and partly because it's just so different than it is during the summer.
cabin The cabin area in too much snow to drive to the front door.
temp Relatively decent temperatures for the middle of winter.
river A low but not very frozen river. Note the bald eagle in the highest tree straight across the river (click to enlarge); it's just a little dot near the top of the tree.

The pump was frozen so we didn't stay. This year we probably won't even go. The view is always stunning; and U-shaped, glacially carved valleys abound.


Garry Hayes said...

Great pictures, especially the icefall! Thanks

Silver Fox said...

Thanks Garry! So many pictures I could have posted from that one drive - I decided to stick to the recent waterfall theme. :)

Some of the frozen falls along the highway are climbed - not sure about this one - but not by me!