Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fall at the Lake

leaf It's both green and yellow at the lake this year, as can be seen by this leaf lying on our cinder-covered ground...
tree ...and by our two-toned aspen trees in the backyard.
seed Seeds are falling from fir cedar trees, twirling out of the sky...
trees ...and the tops of some aspens are barely turning color before the leaves are falling off.

On another front, our drip system stayed intact this last month while we were away, but a few small trees didn't survive the two times the system went down over the summer. The little brown trees are a sad thing to see. We would take the remaining green ones out to our little house in Nevada, but we have no outdoor water line, making outdoor watering quite difficult. So we leave them here, and hope for the best. This fall and winter, we'll be asking some local friends to check in on things.
smoke Wood heat is popular here, as I mentioned yesterday. It smells good, when not overpowering, and reminds me of campfires. We heat with #2 heating oil (similar to diesel), which used to be fairly inexpensive, but which has gone up in price a lot over the last two years.

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