Thursday, October 30, 2008

Re: Rainbow Meme

I didn't really plan to start a meme this morning, but apparently some people jumped on - and on, with Ron Schott deciding that this 'meme' actually started sometime last year (he says it's Kim's Fault)! I did post A Rainbow in the Field Area earlier this month (or whenever), but feeling rather challenged by this meme-ish idea, which I didn't intend to start, I thought I'd better post a rainbow from the field area that goes with my last post of One Year Ago Today! (I hope I didn't link to myself too many times, here - just trying to pass the links around and record the geologic history of this thing.)

Memes are fun, but Eric says that silver and garlic will keep them away. I always cross my fingers (from two hands) in the form of a cross, and that works for me. See you tomorrow!

Ha! I mentioned one food source - garlic - in case anyone is actually doing the October Accretionary Wedge!!


Mispa said...

Is it weird that know what a meme is... haha

Silver Fox said...

Haha, mispa - how do you keep the memes away?