Saturday, October 25, 2008

Phone Posting

I started a bit of road posting on my last road trip, sending posts by email with pictures taken by my 2 megapixel phone camera. I only got one sent, took several photos and was preparing to send more, when I went out of range of the internet connection provided with the phone package. I had cell service, but no internet.

I've been a bit disappointed with the quality of the pictures taken by the phone. They are fine on the phone, but look bland when posted here. It's kind of fun to do, though - entertainment while traveling through countryside I've seen many times. I continued the road posting for the last trip at another place [MojaveEx blog not currently available], but then stopped phone-picture taking when the internet uplink disappeared.

I will be on a mini - road trip for the next two days, and will have, at best, intermittent cell service. I may not be able to check for winners of WoGE #150 - I may get comments by email, but only if I have cell service. Posting times for WoGE players will, nevertheless be recorded by the blog, so not-to-worry! Also, I'll probably have internet service tonight and tomorrow morning; haven't decided on my exact destination.

So, best of luck!

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