Friday, October 10, 2008

Recent Field Photos

cactus It has been a long two days, because of a bunch of new things going on at work, new things that have had me driving back and forth across the property. Back and forth, back and forth... I have felt a little prickly at times, so I thought I'd just settle in tonight and upload some recent photos from days in the field, back before it started raining.

Prickly - hence the photo of the prickly pear, growing on some wonderful cherty limestone.
fall color These photos somehow seem soothing to me right now, and they were fun to drive around and take - some here and some there - and spanning three days. The first photo of the prickly pear was actually taken on day two, but seemed most appropriate as the first photo; the last photo was from day three. All the rest were on day two, during which the clouds became increasing threatening as the day wore on.
dark clouds Above, the same mountain as the previous photo, showing the full extent of the darkening sky. I considered leaving at one point.
clouds and rainbowI finally did leave - after a rain shower that amounted to mostly the smell of rain across the sage, pinon, and juniper and a kind of mist - and as I drove out of the area, I was greeted by an almost vanishing rainbow.
rays I turn and look back toward my field area; it's covered with ray-generating clouds.
rainbow Ah, now the rainbow has gotten brighter - in fact it became a double rainbow, with an outer bow, for a brief time.
wheeler And way off in the distance, across an intervening mountain range, you can see the west side of Wheeler Peak.
morning sky The third morning, the sky looked like this as I came out the door to leave for work. I thought of the saying, "Red sky at night, sailor's delight; red sky in morning, sailors take warning." Later that day, heavy clouds moved in, and rain was pouring down by evening.

And now, I hear, we may have several days of snow!
I hope not...

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