Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Mini-Wedge: Geological Analogies

Callan Bentley at NOVA Geoblog recently put out a call for posts about favorite geological analogies. I don't have any right now, but there have been some excellent posts in this impromptu Mini-Wedge. Check them out - see the current list below:

My Favorite Analogies, by Callan Bentley
Geologic Time and the Budget, by Geology Happens
Geology Analogies (...a cool name for a rock band), by Tuff Cookie
Geological Analogies of the Tectonic Kind, by Chris Rowan
Thin End of the (Accretionary) Wedge: Analogies, by Hypocentre
Geo-analogies, by Lockwood
Analogies, Analogs, and Chocolate, by Kim

Of course, as the Ursula K. LeGuin character Laia Aseio Odo said in The Dispossessed, "You can prove anything by analogy." -- -- I think, however, that all the above posts go far beyond this disparaging quote into clearly illustrating and discussing a good number of geological concepts. Please check them out! And stay tuned: more may be coming!!

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