Friday, October 3, 2008

It's Friday, Dontcha Know?

I know it's a strange picture, but here's what it looks like outside the back of our little house this time of year when I get up. It's early, the sun isn't up - and apparently hasn't even thought about getting up - but I'm up, starting to get ready for work. I'm getting ready mostly by drinking first coffee. First coffee is a very important thing to me.

On a day like this morning, I'm reminded that it's Friday by a few things. If I wasn't reminded, it would be just another day in a long string of days, working in the field out in eastern Nevada. The things that remind me:
  • a Friday Field Photo at Clastic Detritus, this week a very interesting picture from Argentina,

  • an Image of the Week at Sedimentary Basins and Petroleum Geology, this week two photos, one annotated, from the Suez rift in Egypt,

  • and, oh, MOH goes off to work, his first day back on day shifts, after three days off that followed four night shifts - that always happens on a Friday.
Otherwise, I might not know what day it is.


BrianR said...

you should sleep in a little bit!

Silver Fox said...

Why, besides spelling at least one word wrong? Did I sound punchy? ;)

Alarm at 4:30, snooze until 5:00 (except this morning), up, leave for work at 6:40. That gives me a half hour to do nothing but have coffee!

And when MOH is on day shift, his alarm is 3:15, up at 3:30, out the door at 5:00. I try to be up so we see each other in passing!

And I should get to bed earlier!

BrianR said...

no you didn't sound punchy ... i guess 5am isn't that early, that photo seems like it's the middle of the night ... which makes me sleepy!

Silver Fox said...

That's how dark it is at 5:00 am! And I did spell coffee wrong (corrected now). So I might have been half asleep.