Thursday, October 16, 2008

Today and Tomorrow: On the Road Soon

The day dawned clear, with a nice pinkish glow in the east before sunrise. The weather is now warm - it was 36 F this morning warming to almost 70 - although snow is still hanging in there on the high slopes of the mountains around us.
Soon, like tomorrow, MOH and I will be at home, where everything is nicely arranged, and not very messy - because we aren't there all that often!
Hopefully, it will still be green, and hopefully our sprinkler system won't have given out for the third time in a row, and hopefully we'll see one or more of these in our backyard.

One nice thing about the schedule I'm working, is that I often get to leave work early the last day, sometimes by noon, today by 3:00. Also, Sundays are easier days, in which everyone can either come in late or leave early, and sometimes both. Often, the whole group of geo-types will go to breakfast, which then involves some slight sleep-in time, and a late starting time at work. Many places I've worked have offered time on Sunday during long work stints, sometimes as much as a half day - either to go to church if one wants to, to do laundry and such, or just to take a nice and well-deserved break.

As a kind of an aside, church is not thought of as something negative by many people I have worked with, and partly that's because many men's wives and their children often do the church thing on Sundays. I've only once seen this offer taken up by any geologist I've worked with, a young woman who is exceptionally good at running things and will be a major manager-type within a few years, by my estimate.

I'm really looking forward to these coming days off, and will probably stop here and there on the way to look at faults and other rocks, and then may take a short trip of my own after MOH goes back to work next week.

So, I'll be outside for part of Earth Science Week - you go outside, too!

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