Friday, October 24, 2008


Well, actually just one tree, in a nice desert shadow, probably a piñon tree.

A mini-tree meme is going around the GeoBlogosphere - started here by Geotripper, and followed on with here at Clastic Detritus. I've had a couple posts recently showing some trees, but I don't really have a favorite tree, unless it would be one in those previous posts, a tall aspen tree in our backyard.

I picked the above tree photo, because it was the shadows in the Basin and Range of Nevada that made me realize a long time ago that I loved the place.

UPDATE: More trees are sprouting here and there. Geotripper is keeping track of them - be sure to check them all out.

UPDATE AGAIN: More sprouting going on all over the place, and here, too! Many posts mention some link between trees and geology. And another one!


Anonymous said...

I knew you'd participate in this ... a tree meme is right up your alley.

Given all the awesome photos you post, you probably have 100s of tree photos.

Silver Fox said...

Well, a few, Nevada's a bit sparse of trees, though. I did have all those Bristlecone's in June or July! :)

Garry Hayes said...

I love Nevada trees, they are the most striking because they survive such tough conditions. I love the cottonwoods along the western part of Highway 50 (including the poor unfortunate Shoe Tree). I have a soft spot for all the island forests in the high ranges out there. I've only seen the Wheeler Peak bristlecones once, but they are beautiful. Thanks for the photo!

Silver Fox said...

I thought about posting a picture of the Shoe Tree - but I'm saving it for later. I actually don't stop there anymore - it used to be a good place to stop before it became famous, but has now become kind of trashy. When did it become a shoe tree, do you remember?

Garry Hayes said...

I don't really remember; it just seemed to appear. I thought it was cute at first, but now I feel sad for the tree; kind of abusive for a tree surviving in a harsh environment

Silver Fox said...

I just read something today that said it started in the early-mid 1990's. Before that, it was just a beautiful cottonwood tree.