Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Fault Photos #6

Fairview Peak Revisited:
A few more photos of Fairview Peak, Nevada, site of Nevada's 1954 earthquakes.

Fairview Peak, like many places in Nevada, looks different every time I drive by, so I've taken a lot of photos of it over the years. The photo above, taken recently from a vehicle on Highway 50, looks southward toward the peak along a hill with the 1954 fault scarp near its eastern base (to the left).
Here the road drops into Stingaree Valley; it's about to cross the fault scarp, which has been modified by highway construction.
Another view of the east side of Fairview Peak after driving over the scarp, looking back a little to the southwest.
In this photo of the east side of Fairview Peak, not only is most of the eastern side in shadow, but this time it's snow-covered. The actual fault scarp from the 1954 earthquakes is hidden in the shadow in these photos, and is often difficult to see from a distance. A line seen in the sun, in snow toward the left side of the photo, is a poleline road along the base of the slope, quite a ways below the actual fault scarp. A good photo of the original scarp can be seen here; additional photos, probably taken in 2004, can be seen here.
This view of Fairview Peak was taken from a little pullout on the north side of Highway 50 near the center of Stingaree Valley, with field vehicle in the foreground.

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