Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Re-balancing Act

view As part of my days-off re-balancing program, I found this little nook out in our "gazebo." Our gazebo is actually a rectangular, roofed picnic-type area, which we enclosed and finished off with materials mostly scrounged from other people's remodel projects.

That's' my laptop sitting on an inactive potting table. The view is great, and the place heats naturally from the sun, so it might be a good place to hang out in the winter - a little crowded right now, and no electrical outlets.

frosted window View through old, frosted windows.
stuff View looking out the other side window - the building is mostly a storage area at present, with homebuilt cedar-strip canoe taking up most of the space.
snowshoes View looking upwards, making me think of winter treks through the coming snow - hopefully not coming here too soon, as we will leave our drip system on.

That's just a quick note - and now, back to the road!


Amanda said...

What a lovely area! And it seems like a great place to re-balance.

Silver Fox said...

Thanks, Amanda! We have a lot of great trees in our yard, ones that just grow there naturally - the best kind, I think.